Dock and Boat House

The oringial dock at Pomham Rocks was built in 1873 along with a boat house for the cost of $1,200. This dock and boat house were completely destroyed in the 1938 Hurricane. The current dock was built sometime in either 1938 or 1939 to replace the first. The dock’s boat house was not rebuilt. 

Coast Guard Keeper, Dennis Tardiff recalls a hose that ran out from the dock to the cistern for a cutter towline to add portable water into the cistern. There was also a fire pump suction house that hung off the west side of the dock and attached to a gasoline powered P60 Fire Pump in case of a fire. He also recalls there being lights, gasoline storage and a 500lb Cargo Crane. Check out the Dennis Tardiff collection of photographs of the lighthouse, including the dock just described, while he was stationed there from 1971-1974! (Dennis Tardiff’s pictures are on the website under Vintage Photos)

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