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The Events Committee for the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse plans and carries out our programs and celebrations for the year. Traditional events have included a shore clean-up in the Spring, the Memorial Day Parade, a summer picnic, the Looff Arts Festival in August, a lecture, the Annual Meeting, Pomham Santa, and Winterfest in late Fall.  Now that we can bring the public to the island, and have a bigger launch, there are also opportunities to host visitations to the Lighthouse, and to train to be docents at our newly formed museum. Additionally, the Committee is in charge of selling Pomham Rocks Lighthouse merchandise.

This year the Lighthouse will be celebrating its 150th anniversary, where we will be sponsoring a road race in late April and will need extra hands on deck to help with this exciting event. There is also a “Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Day” planned for August 8 at the Squantum Club. Several volunteers will be needed to plan the christening of the new boat as well as hosting lectures and providing information to the public about Pomham Rocks on that day. 

Please join us and add your voice to the Committee.  It’s a great group of people to work with - and provides additional opportunities to get out to the lighthouse.

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