Pomham Rocks Lighthouse 1971

 Taken in 1971, is a view from the tower towards shore. The walkway was constucted by Dennis Tardiff and was made of 1x6 pine boards. The electrical shore tie cable ran straight towards shore from the end of the island. The TV antenna brought in Channel 6,10, 12 and a PBS station on the 19” black and white TV. The fire hose reel (shown empty) usually held two or three lengths of 1 1/2” fire hose, 50’ each. The purpose of the hose was in the event of a fire, someone would unreel it, connect to the fire pump on the dock (which pumped river water) and fight the fire. Of course there was a fire nozzle for the hose that would do that. Dennis would later construct a similar hose reel (painted blue to denote portable water) for taking on portable water from the Coast Guard Cutter Towline. What is called the "Oil House" was known to Dennis as the “Generator Shack”. It held an emergency generator that would automatically start up and go “online” to power the light in the event of an eletrical shore tie failure. 

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